Your Microwave: Not Just For Popcorn Anymore

Does your microwave only get used on movie night when there’s popcorn to be made? Get more use out of this versatile appliance with these handy microwave hacks.

Clean A Dirty Sponge

One of the strangest microwave hacks is using a microwave to clean a dirty sponge. The crevices in sponges harbor all kinds of bacteria. To clean a dirty sponge, just wring it out thoroughly and zap it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds.

Freshen Soggy Chips

If you live in a humid climate, your potato chips probably turn soggy a little too often. Crisp them up in your microwave for a minute on a paper towel. The towel will absorb the moisture, leaving your chips crunchy.

Easily Peel Garlic

If you have a recipe that uses lots of garlic cloves, you could spend too much precious time trying to pry the skins off each clove. To easily peel garlic quickly, pop them in the microwave on high for 5-10 seconds. The skins will fall away effortlessly.

Soften Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is known for getting hard as a rock, and you usually don’t discover it until you need it for a recipe. Soften brown sugar in the microwave by putting it in a glass bowl with a wet paper towel on top. Zap for 20 seconds or until you can sift through the brown sugar with a fork.

Treat an Earache

It’s almost as painful to see your child experience an earache as it is for them to have one. While you’re waiting for the morning to come when you can see the doctor, treat the earache with a warm cloth. Wet a washcloth and heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds or until warm (not hot). The moist heat will provide some relief.

Form a Mouth Guard

Those plastic mouth guards your kids wear for sports are uncomfortable right out of the package. Heat it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds or until the plastic is malleable enough to form with your child’s bite.

Make Soap Flakes

Are you out of laundry detergent? Make your own soap flakes to use in the washing machine using a bar of Ivory soap and your microwave. Just place the bar of soap in the microwave on a dish and turn on high for two minutes. The soap will expand and turn into soap flakes when you crumble it with your fingers.

Dehydrate Fresh Herbs

Do you have fresh herbs that are going to go bad before you can use them up? Dry them quickly inside your microwave. Place a glass bowl in the microwave. Put about 1 cup of loosely packed fresh herbs on the dish and microwave for about 4-5 minutes. Crush them and store in a jar.

Now about that popcorn…

Did you know you can make your own popcorn bags?

Fill a brown paper lunch bag with half a cup of popcorn kernels. Fold the bag end so it’s nicely sealed. (No need to fold the bag into thirds.) Set your microwave to “popcorn,” and watch as the bag fills with your oil-free popcorn treat.

Enjoy these easy microwave hacks!

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