What Your Choice of Shoes Says About You

Are your kitten heels worn thin, while your tennis shoes are still lily white? Do you come to a standstill at the sight of a sturdy pair of Tevas? Your shoes say a lot about you. From the way you think, to your lifestyle, and even how you think about yourself. Here’s a guide to what your shoes say about you.

You Own One Pair For Every Occasion

Does your closet look like this: one pair of pumps for work and formal dinners, one pair of sneakers, one pair of sandals/flip flops, and one pair of house slippers?

If so, you’re probably not a shoe person at all. You wear shoes because you have to, not because you want to. Chances are, you wear a pair of shoes until the sole falls off before you buy another one. That’s okay. More shoes for the rest of us!

You Have Multiple Pairs of Sandals

First of all, if you have several pairs of sandals, congratulations! You must live in a warm climate where sandals are an everyday affair. You probably get regular pedicures, and you may even sport a toe ring or two. Sandals have gotten pretty swanky since the days of foam flip flops, so your sandal collection should get you from beach to shopping mall in style.

You Don’t Own High Heels

A lot of us consider high heels a particular kind of feminine torture, so no judgment here. If you don’t own high heels, you are either taller than your husband, incredibly practical and busy, or simply refuse to endure the pain that high heels incur just for the sake of fashion. Either way, kudos to you.

Your Shoes Wear Bling

Do you need to wear sunglasses when you open your shoe closet? Do you have a shoe closet? If sparkle is a requirement for you to purchase shoes, that says a lot about you.

Chances are, you are a woman who enjoys the nightlife. You can be found any night of the week dancing away in the arms of some handsome paramour. Maybe you even lead a jetsetter lifestyle. Nice!

You Prefer Platforms

If platforms are your preferred choice when it comes to footwear, it could be that you are, ahem, height challenged. Maybe? Just a little bit? It’s okay. We all know that tall people have the advantage in a lot of areas. Why should they have all the fun?

You Keep Buying Tevas

Tevas are arguably the best outdoor sandal made for active people. But the thing is, they are also one of the most rugged pieces of footwear available for outdoor enthusiasts. One pair can last a normal person a year or more. So if you keep buying them, we’re going to assume you’re wearing them out. Which is really hard to do. You must spend all your time having sporty adventures, like swinging from zip lines! (We’re a little bit jealous of you now, FYI.)

Next time you want to find out more about a new friend, check out her shoe closet. Shoes provide valuable insight into personality and interests. Just ask Teva lady.

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