The Cheapskate’s Guide to Rehabbing a Flip

They say you make your money when you buy. Even so, you can really wreck your profits if you don’t watch your wallet when you rehab. If you’re doing a rehab for the sole purpose of flipping, you don’t need to vie for an interior designer award. Just get in and get out with as much cash left in your pocket as possible. If you’ve done a decent job, prospective buyers will see the potential and be eager to put the finishing touches on it themselves. Here are some practical, real life ways to redo a flip on the cheap without actually looking like a cheapskate:

Source Inexpensive Materials

The Home Depot doesn’t need as many of your hard-earned dollars as you’ve been handing over recently. Buy as much of your materials used as you possibly can.

Habitat For Humanity Restores

Habitat for Humanity Restores are overflowing with flooring, sinks, cabinets, doors, windows, and buckets of hardware to go with them. This should be your first stop after assessing your rehab needs. You’ll also find low-priced decorative items that will be useful should you decide to do a bit of staging.

Craigslist is the cheapskate’s shopping mall. Set up alerts for items you need like paint, primer, tile, laminate, appliances and anything else you can think of that might be useful. You could also score free or cheap tools to do the rehab work.

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