Text Your Way to a Better e-Commerce Business

Your home Internet business is a success. When you’re ready to grab the winning edge over your competition, consider text messaging. Text messaging has the capability to give your home Internet business the boost it needs to shoot it heads over the competition.

What Text Messaging Offers Your E-commerce Business

Are you wondering what text messaging can do for your home Internet business? Here is how text messaging can give your e-commerce business a boost.

Better ROI

The cost of text messaging compared to the value derived from it is very low. You can get a much better ROI from text messaging than any other form of marketing. The cost of text messaging is wrapped up in your initial program set up, any monthly subscription fees you pay to an SMS management company, and the time your staff takes to review and monitor the campaign. There are no print costs such as with direct mailings, no exorbitant marketing agency fees, and no media space rental fees.

Give a Customized Customer Experience

Text messaging allows you to give your customers a customized experience. With a suitable SMS managing software, you can tailor your messages according to demographics, past purchasing history and more. That’s powerful use of big data, now available to e-commerce businesses just like yours.

Manage Related Selling

Using the big data mentioned above, you can send related product information to customers who have expressed interest in, or completed a purchase on your website. You can use this to upsell, make related product offers or reach out to customers with discounts for future purchases. An SMS marketing campaign is about giving personalized service to customers during your sales process.


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