Making the Change from Bottled Water to Filtered Water

If you have decided to provide healthy drinking water for your family, you may think that bottled water is a good step toward that goal. It would be, except that bottled water is not filtered in the way that it should be.

Bottled water is not the same as filtered water. Bottled water is basically the same as tap water, bottled and sold. There are many arguments against bottled water, including the plastic waste, the plastic that leaches into the water itself, and the huge negative impact on the towns from where the water is sourced. (For more information about why you shouldn’t drink bottled water, watch the documentary, “Bottled Life: Nestle’s Business with Water”.)

Filtered water has been cleansed of the harmful toxins in the water supply. Wherever you live, your town has a water system that attempts to provide clean water for its citizens. Unfortunately, not enough is done to remove all the bad things that make their way into our drinking water. These things can cause all kinds of health problems. In addition, many towns still add fluoride to water in the belief that this helps prevent tooth decay.


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