Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

The shelter that protects us from the elements is also the barrier that prevents us from getting the fresh air and sunshine that we need to thrive. Vitamin D occurs naturally in only two foods that we can eat—fish and egg yolks. Thus, the primary way for us to acquire this vital nutrient is through exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D isn’t technically a vitamin at all. It’s a vital nutrient that occurs as a result of a chemical process; one which creates what we call D3, and a synthetic process that results in what we call D2. When people talk about Vitamin D, they usually are talking about both types interchangeably.

Vitamin D is made by our bodies during a complex chemical process that begins with exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet B energy. These rays convert chemical molecules in your skin into Vitamin D3. D3 is then transported to the liver and kidneys, where it becomes active.

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