Are You Up for a Content Audit?

Your website is the front door to your virtual store. The content you offer on your site is akin to the fixtures, services and products that you would have in a brick and mortar store. Just as you would want to make sure your customers have a positive experience inside your store, you should make sure your customers enjoy visiting your website content.

Website content consists of anything and everything on your website. That includes the written word, pictures, infographics and navigation menus. Making sure that all of your website content is optimized is critical to the success of your business.

One way to ensure that your website is working the way you want it to is to have a content audit. A content audit is a third party, objective review of your site’s content. When you subscribe to a content audit, you will receive a detailed, thorough report of all the things that are wrong—or right—about your website content.

Visitors are Fickle

If you’re wondering why you should invest in a content audit, consider this. Recent studies report that most site visitors give your website no longer than 15 seconds before deciding if they are going to leave or if they are going to stay. That’s only a quarter of a minute. If you wondered why your website needs a content audit, that should firmly answer your question.

The Type of Content Matters

Some things that a content audit will uncover include problems with the content itself. Google’s constant updates require more and better written content. Those site owners who think they are pulling one over on the panda by regurgitating old website copy are penalized with low page rankings. Unique, engaging written content will get your website up front and in front of the competition.

The Effect of Images on Your Site

Another aspect of your site that a content audit will uncover is if you have too many or too few images on your site. For better or worse, many people who browse the Internet need images to help retain their interest. Without pictures, many visitors will feel overwhelmed with content that appears boring or bland. Images help break up content, but at the same time, there can be too many images and not enough of the written word. That’s where the content auditor comes in. Through experience and analysis, a content auditor can arrive at the exact number of images your site should have in relation to the number of pages on the site, and the rest of the content.

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