6 Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Some people like to clean. I’m not one of them. If you’re like me and you clean only because you have to, you’ll appreciate these six cleaning hacks that will change your life. You’ll especially enjoy number 4!

1. Refrigerator Cleaning

One of the worst cleaning jobs is the refrigerator. It seems like bottles and jars are always leaving sticky rings on the shelves. If it isn’t that, it’s a package of raw chicken that leaked all over the shelf. Cleaning the refrigerator can take most of an afternoon, unless you use these hacks.

Cut shelf liners to fit from inexpensive vinyl placemats. Use them to cover the bottom of door shelves. For vegetable and fruit drawers, lay down a layer of wax paper. For standard interior shelves, remove them and cover with plastic cling wrap. When shelves get dirty, just replace the liners or remove and wipe down the vinyl mats. Now if you could just figure out a way to make door fingerprints disappear…..

2. Easier Laundry

A lot of people hate doing laundry for good reason. It’s time consuming and tedious removing and changing bed sheets. For an easier day, try these hacks.

When you make your bed, put not one but two fitted sheets on the mattress. When the top one is ready to be washed, just pull it off and you automatically have another fitted sheet on there ready to be used. To keep like sheets together, store clean folded flat sheets and pillowcases between the box spring and the mattress on the bed. Everything you need will be right there when you need it.

3. A Cleaner Bathroom

Bathroom countertops are the worst. They get covered with toothpaste, hair color, lipstick and more. To clean the bathroom countertop, you have to remove all that stuff, put it….somewhere….and vigorously wipe.

To keep your bathroom countertop almost spotless, place a large decorative vanity tray on the counter. Instead of placing all your lotions and potions on the counter, put them on the tray. When it’s time to clean the tray, just pick it up and bring everything to the kitchen where you can rinse off all the jars and bottles, plus the tray. Meanwhile, your countertop stays clean!

4. Spot Clean Floors

Cleaning floors takes a long time and is, frankly, exhausting. You can clean floors every other week with this cleaning hack.

Don a pair of thick sports socks and wet the bottoms with a water and vinegar solution. Now simply walk around on the floors and rub lightly wherever you see a little spot that needs to be lifted. You’ll feel like you cheated at housework just a little—because you did!

5. Use One Glass

If you’re like most people, you accumulate dozens of drinking glasses during the day. Is there no end to the dishwashing cycles you have to run?

Instead of running out of clean drinking glasses on a daily basis, set a cute tray on the kitchen counter. Line the tray with parchment paper and write each family member’s name on it. Have family members put their own drinking glass on the tray over their name. Whenever they want a glass, there it is!

6. Clean Skillets and Blenders Easily

Whenever you use a skillet or blender, instead of placing it in the sink to be cleaned later, just clean it right away with this hack.

For blenders, fill it with water and a few drops of dish soap. Turn on high and blend it clean. Rinse thoroughly and allow to drain in the dish rack.

For skillets, cover the bottom with some tap water, add a drop of dishwashing liquid, and put it back on the burner on low. Don’t take your eyes off it. The soap will make it overflow quickly. The heating action will lift the dirt, and you’ll be able to practically wipe clean.

Who wants to spend exorbitant amounts of time cleaning when there are such great cleaning hacks like these? Leave a comment in the box below if you have some cleaning hacks you’d like to share.


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